About DigitaLegal

Digital Businesses Are Our Business

The Internet is evolving rapidly, and the law related to conducting business on the Internet is changing almost as fast. By focusing only on this specialty, DigitaLegal is able to remain current on the legal issues you need to understand.

One-Stop Shop For Transactional Needs

DigitaLegal is designed to be a one-stop shop for the transactional legal needs of digital businesses seeking practical legal advice from an attorney who has experience counseling companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 50 to small businesses just getting started.

A Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language

In addition to advising executives on strategies for digital products, Elena Laskin has worked closely with engineers, UX teams, product managers, marketing teams and project managers, and understands what it takes to conceptualize, execute and promote your product.

Advice Tailored To Your Business And Risk Profile

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all legal advice. DigitaLegal won’t just tell you what the law is, but will help you figure out what legal option makes the most sense for the specifics of your business, and your risk tolerance.

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